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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We want to offer for sale a small wonderful hotel we have been run for 27 years since we built it. We are now to old to run own business. I am 78 years old and my wife, Barbara although much younger shouldn't work any more.

"HOTEL GEORGE" is very conveniently situated on the right side of the throughway running from the South of Poland and the South of Europe, near the so called a Katowice A road, 22 km from the center and 12 km from the city limits of Warszawa.
The Hotel is in the close proximity to the throughway and a local road.
The hotel meets the requirements of spatial planning and is located in the right place, out of Warszawa, the capital city.

Tens of thousands cars coming from Katowice, Wrocław, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republik, Austria, Italy and Germany, to Warszawa go past our gateway.
Hotel offers 24 hours service, has 20 bedrooms (each with bathroom) - 17,5 m2 each and two luxury suits of two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bedrooms are furnished and decorated in modern style, each have TV set, telephone, internet access.
There is a large reception hall in the ground floor, toilets. From the reception hall there is an entrance to the restaurant and bar (100 m2), from the restaurant room an open entrance to the large and wonderful terrace , from the bar the passage to kitchen house (120 m2) with the kitchen, washing room with dishwasher, preparation room, separate room with refrigerators, freezers, and other utility rooms as office space, storage space etc.
There is a modern gas central heating in the basement as well as some storage rooms.
Apart from the hotel and the restaurant there are two more buildings on the property: two detached houses - one of 150 m2 and potentially the second one - of 400 m2. The later with conference room of 120 m2 on the ground floor and the apartment of 150 m2 on the first floor. At the back of this house there is a garage of 200 m2, fitness club and the separate room(earlier-the laundry ). Apart from them there is also a storage room of ca 150 m2 and 3 garages. There is a car park up to 30 cars in front of the hotel. The plots are full of trees (400) and unique flora. The whole estate reaches 18.000 m2. but is divided into three parts, each with separate mortgage register so it is possible to sale only 14.000 m2 of land having excluded the plot of 4.000 m2 with the house of 400 m2 and the garage.
As I have said before, we built this small hotel 27 years ago but nowadays it is necessary to build another one i.e. for 120 rooms , seven store building, with 20 rooms on floor, with the fast food on the ground floor, conference rooms and office rooms.
The modern steel and glass building with sticking out neon, near the main road would be beautiful indeed. In case of no construction permit for such a high building there is enough place to build some two or three store buildings.
Such investment is essential because now the hotel has only 44 beds that it is much to little in relation to the area and the staff – it means that it is simple unprofitable.
There is no other good quality hotel on the way to Warszawa. On the way to Poznań, there are only two hotels in Ożarów and Błonie ca. 100 beds each but both overloaded. On the way to Katowice our hotel is the only one on the right side of the road.
I am an experienced businessman and knowing the market I am convinced that the investment in the new suburban hotel of 120 bedrooms, not very expensive will pay for itself in 4-5 years (assuming the most competent staff and service offered.
There are thousands of hotels of this kind in Europe and all of them are overloaded because tourists prefer staying in out of town hotels to looking for the one in the city after being stuck in a traffic jam. Usually the tourists leaving their cars out of the city and then take the bus, metro or a commuter train. From Nadarzyn, to reach the commuter train in Komorowo or Otrębusy takes only 5 km. Moreover, a hotel in the city center is much expensive.
Our condition is good enough for the new owner to obtain credit covering all the costs or even to apply for subsidy in the amount of 25% - 50% of the costs.
The hotel is for sale and is a life long enterprise for the young and vital businessman. Hotels, accommodation are the top priority services and will be the “gold mine” for ever.
In some years’ Nadarzyn district will be incorporated into Warszawa, and later on metro section will be built there inevitably. An airport in Mszczonowo is in prospect so our object will gain value.

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Best regards,
Jerzy Kowalczyk